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Welcome to Wetfix Waterproofing and Concrete Repair

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Are you in need of a professional waterproofing / concrete repair / coatings company to complete your next project? From leaking balconies and rooftops to wet basements, the team at Wetfix Waterproofing & Concrete Repair has the correct solutions for that commercial or residential water or degrading concrete problem.

Contemporary water problems rise far beyond damp basements and simple bathroom plumbing failures. Retaining walls, ponds, indoor water features, rooftop membranes, deteriorating concrete and many other commercial areas such as lift pits and water tanks each present problems that need a blend of tried & true methods and new technologies to  arrest the problems before they can get worse and cost you even more to repair.

Our well-trained team of professionals will take care of your problems quickly and cleanly. We have the experience and skill to repair water and concrete coating issues, ensuring your waterproofing installations are water tight and your concrete repairs are completed at a competitive price, and backed up with a written guarantee on every job, whether new installation for your renovation or elimination of a current water problem.

Established on the Gold Coast since 1989, Wetfix Waterproofing & Concrete Repair covers, on a daily basis, the greater South East Queensland & Northern NSW areas including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Tweed and Byron Bay. We will also take on specialised projects anywhere in Queensland and New South Wales. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

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Concrete Crack Injection

We use a combination of specialised high pressure injection grouts, plugging compounds and cementitious waterproofing grouts among other specialised products to ensure an effective long lasting cure for your building.

This process is far more effective than using water catching trays which allows water to continue to run through the crack/joint which will eventually lead to rusted steel and concrete cancer.

The team at Wetfix have wide experience in successfully treating all spalling concrete or concrete cancer issues.

Wetfix Waterproofing now specialise in leak detection. Do you have a leak and can’t find where it is coming from? Give us a call! With the latest non-invasive thermal imaging leak detection equipment, Wetfix Waterproofing will provide a detailed report and find your leak.

At Wetfix Waterproofing, we continually look for new ways to serve our clients. Check our list of waterproofing solutions and our waterproofing tips and facts.

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