Every home has areas that are meant to be wet. Wetfix Waterproofing services ensure that your wet areas don’t intrude into the dry areas of your home. Wetfix Waterproofing stops water leaks, overflows, and moisture problems from room perimeter to waste area.

  •  Shower Tray
  •  Full Shower Walls – These are only required when water resistant sheeting is not already present.
  •  Shower Hob – We install shower hobs for enclosed showers.  Hebel Shower hobs that are 50mm high and 100 mm wide are standard, however specially ordered hob sizes are also available.
  •  Waterstop Angle – For showers that have a hobless design, we install a 47mm x 47mm plastic waterstop angle bedded up to and covered over by your shower screen.
  •  Bath Flashings – These seal all joints at wall/bath edges and floor/bath edges as well as sheet joints on the bath itself.
  •  Perimeter Flashings (wall/floor joint) – A reinforcing fabric is laid over the joint and coated with membrane up to 100mm each side of the joint.
  •  Full Floor Areas – Wetfix waterproofs full floor areas by turning down into the waste for slab on ground construction and turned upon to walls as in perimeter flashings.
  •  Seal-A-Waste – This takes care of seepage problems around waste areas and is suitable for above ground construction floor areas that are constructed with either timber or FC Sheet (Fibre Cement).
  •  Angle At Door – This provides a perimeter flashing at floor level openings.  These are usually aluminium and can be 12mm or more in height.